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As a Landscape Designer with 27 years of experience, I depend solely on Kelly Green Irrigation for all my irrigation consultations, installations, repairs, and service.


I know I can find someone cheaper, but that is a small price to pay for a company with the amount of expertise, quality and professionalism they will provide you with.


With an irrigation company, you really get what you pay for: cheap equals cheap. Rest easy knowing you'll be taken care with Kelly Green!

Mark H.

Minnetonka, MN

RESIDENTIAL sprinkler systems



Kelly Green has the staff and expertise to tend to the smallest of home lawn systems to the largest of commercial or municipal properties.

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Water Management

Kelly Green Irrigation is your premier resource for water conservation solutions.  Kelly Green specializes in water management and water saving technology and is committed to providing the most technologically advanced water-management products available. 

Seasonal Plans

Ensure that your system operates with optimal performance all season by enrolling in one of our irrigation service plans. ​

  • Standard Service Plan

  • Water-Saver Service Plan

  • Custom Plan

Maintenance & Services

Over 90 percent of our clients receive service within 24 hours.  With one of the industry’s largest fleet of service vehicles and veteran staff of trained technicians, Kelly Green Irrigation is a leader in providing timely service to clients throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Minnesota area. 

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Kelly Green Irrigation takes great pride in the projects completed throughout our history. We are happy to display here a small sample of some of our key projects and clients ranging from private homes to parks to rooftop TV station studios.


who we work with

Kelly Green Irrigation helps clients of all shapes and sizes solve their water and irrigation needs. Beyond commercial and irrigation, we work with sport facilities, municipal parks, golf courses and more.


If there's grass, we'll water it. 


Relax. Let us handle making sure the grass grows green and stays watered. You just handle the coffee and Saturday breakfast.


Irrigation for corporate headquarters, office buildings, medical facilities. We do it all.


We have decades of experience in watering schools, parks, streetscapes, boulevards and more. 



We can guarantee the home team's field will be irrigated to provide ideal playing conditions.



Ensure that every unit is up to code by working with one sprinkler system installer who can set & maintain required standards.




For any inquiries or questions please call 952-884-1570 or fill out this short form:

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Come grow with Kelly Green - the right environment for a unique career.

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