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Water management

Conserve Water.

Save Money.

Kelly Green Irrigation is your premier resource for water conservation solutions. 


We specialize in water management and water-saving technology and continually provide the most technologically-advanced water-management products available.

In a world with tiered water rates, limited water availability and increased demand on water delivery systems, Kelly Green Irrigation is committed to serving as your expert in irrigation water management. 


Our specialists design and install the most advanced water-management lawn sprinkler systems available using the latest products and technologies from our vendor partners.

We will also proactively keep you informed of local conservation rebate programs, as well as national and local legislation on water conservation initiatives. 


Our goal is to keep you smart and water efficient. 

Questions about water conservation?

Water-Saving Technology.

At Kelly Green Irrigation, we can proudly say that we only supply our customers with the latest and best in water-saving technology equipment.


So when you work with us, you can be sure that you are squeezing every last drop (literally!) of value out of your water bill.


Benefit from Working with Our Preferred Water Technology Equipment.

5 steps to maintain a water-sensible yard


call us

Call Kelly Green Irrigation to schedule an audit on your irrigation system and correct water-wasting inefficiencies.


rise & rinse

Water in the early morning when winds are calm and temperatures are cool.


keep adjusting

Frequently adjust sprinkler heads so water stays off the pavement and on your lawn.


sense the rain

Connect a rain sensor to your irrigation system to prevent the “watering-in-the-rain” scenario.


be smart

Use a smart irrigation controller or regularly adjust your current irrigation timer to coincide with seasonal weather conditions.

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